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Big Texan RV Resort, Amarillo TX

Arrived 8/8/23 at Big Texan RV Resort in Amarillo, TX. One thing is certain: Texas I40 is much better maintained then I40 in AZ or NM. It was smooth driving all the way - Smith & Wesson actually slept instead of thinking the bus was falling apart.

Stopped in NM around mile marker 251 at the rest area to walk the dogs and stretch my legs. Lo and behold, there was a food truck with all kinds of mexican food goodies! I got the barbacoa and asada tacos, and 6 large bags of "authentic Mexican jerkey". It was amazing! If you're driving through, definitely hit them up! Super nice folks.

Arrived early evening at the park. Pretty awesome place to stay, especially if you're looking for something more than just a regular spot to park your RV. They've got good amenities, like a swimming pool and clean shower areas and three dog runs. Nice park, good amenities, but wifi is not so great. Thank you Starlink.

Treated myself to a prime rib and local brew at the Big Texan Steak Ranch (home of the free 72oz steak) about 3 miles away. ** No Tom, I did not eat a 72oz steak.

If you're staying in the RV park, they have a free limo shuttle from 4pm-10pm to and from the steakhouse.


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10 ago 2023
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Great notes thanks Steve, I'm planning a TX-NM-AZ trip early next spring.

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